My Riverdale: Mocha Mocha

I’m “Donald”ed-out. I can’t listen to him anymore. I don’t even find humour in Alec Baldwin imitating Donald Trump on SNL. I thought it was hilariously funny at first but his satirical rendition is so close to the truth that it’s just another depressing reminder of mass stupidity and the flaws of democracy (ok, Plato, you win).

Plus, we have our own worries here, with our own little Trump-ettes like Kellie Leitch. Spewing nonsense like how Toronto is the sort of place where you can’t even ask a neighbour for a cup of sugar is plain silly. So, Kellie, welcome to my ‘hood of Riverdale for some alternate reality checking.

One of the small-town things I do is get together for dinner with a group of women on my street every second month. My friend Jamie started this “Garnock Girls” ritual some time ago. Everyone lives on Garnock Ave, a block south of the Danforth, except me (I’m an honourary Garnock Girl by virtue of living on the corner of Garnock).

These little get-togethers expand our networks in the community and I’m sure any one of my new friends would gladly lend me a cup of sugar, probably the entire bag if I asked. We always go to the same place, Mocha Mocha. I interviewed the owner, Mercedes (that’s her in the photo), for one of my business stories last fall. Here it is:

From Humble Beginning to Cornucopia

Photo credit: Courtesy of Mocha Mocha

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