Poetry for The Stable Genius

It’s truly stunning what comes out of the mouth of the stable genius to our south. Even if he has the  attention span of a toddler, he should still be required to read up (even a little bit) on issues he clearly feels passionate about. An essay in The Conversation: “Data from Canadian Immigrants from ‘Shithole Countries’ May Surprise Trump” wouldn’t be a bad start.

I’m a bit biased towards the value immigrants bring to this country. Obviously. And, it’s kind of nice to have the hard facts to support it.

If you are also a person who loves to make fact-based decisions, you may enjoy reading The Conversation. My IQ has already jumped 5 points since I started subscribing. I’m far from “stable” and even farther from “genius” but it’s a step in the right direction.

As for the immigration thing, here is a poem by Nayyirah Waheed from her beautiful collection, salt.

you broke the ocean in
half to be here.
only to meet nothing that wants you.


Photo by Greg Ortega on Unsplash

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