Stranger Things In Bed (and Other Bests of 2017)

My dearest reader,

Well, 2017 is almost officially a wrap!

Thank you for visiting my weekly blog this year. Do you have any idea how much it means to me? SO MUCH!

Here are my most popular posts of 2017.

Doing Stranger Things in Bed

Spoiler alert. This is far less exciting than it sounds. But my husband continued to give me good material to work with in 2017. I continued to riff off my own marriage in my  bi-weekly column for eHarmony this year. More to come in 2018!

Women Come First at Upscale Sex Club

Writing for feminist business zine, LiisBeth, has opened doors to new worlds, like a visit to a sex club (all in the name of research). Although I have no plans to join,  I developed a greater understanding of sexual politics in the process. Speaking of sex, I had the distinct pleasure of writing about banker turned erotica writer, Eden Baylee, for LiisBeth too. Now, that’s a midlife transformation!

Why My Husband and I Decided to End a 25 Year Relationship

Yes, the title gave a couple people heart attacks when it landed in their inbox. But this was about our break-up with the Globe and Mail. I ranted about them a few times this year but also gave credit where credit was due.

Gobsmacked but Knackered Across the Pond

2017 was unusual in that I made it out of my attic office a few times. This story was about going to England with John for a few days, followed by a trip to St. Martin, and then a couple visits to small-town Ontario to write for VIA Rail.

Returning to our Roots

My sister and I sometimes butt heads about our different perceptions of our family life. But when she asked me to return to our family cottage in the Gatineaus on her birthday, it opened my eyes to what she saw that I’d been missing.

I had a lot of fun writing and hope you had at least a little bit of fun reading. If you enjoy my weekly musings, please let your friends know. Every “like” on my FB page is a cause for celebration. I’m a sucker for attention (it’s a first-born thing).

Wishing you much joy in 2018.


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