Girls Just Want to Have Fun (And Work Less in their Relationship)

I was having this weird flash back to university days this week. It may have been triggered by getting a Christmas card from my pal Heather. Our dear friendship goes back to university days, a very, very long time ago. Cindy Lauper’s “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” was something we used to bop around to if that gives you any hints as to just how long ago this was.

So even though I’m now old enough to have a son who is just completing a graduate degree at my alma mater, I still want to have fun. Being married for decades now doesn’t make this a slam dunk. Without making a conscious effort to play more, we can get dragged down the rabbit hole of so many other demands.

In my latest post for eHarmony, here’s my advice to play more, work less. And hopefully, live happily ever after. And, if you have a moment and feel like bopping, also below is a video of a now mature Cindy Lauper singing, you guessed it…”Girls Just Want to Have Fun.”

5 Ways to Play More and Work Less in Your Relationship

What relationship doesn’t start out fun? Sadly, relationships can become too much work and not enough play if we let them. There is good reason to keep the fun alive in your relationship. According to psychologist Amy Muise at York University, couples who engage in fun, novel activities are more attracted to each other early in their relationship and down the road too.

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