What My Old Dog Taught Me About Playing Favourites

In the summer, I wrote a blog post about how my dog Jessie is playing favourites. My friend Rae emailed after reading it suggesting I try to get it published. I wrote back: “That’s so sweet of you Rae! I will take a closer look but it seemed very ordinary to me. My usual weekly musing vs something particularly original. Have been high on self-doubt this week so really am grateful for your kind email!”

Rae replied: “I think it is a situation that many pet owners could identify with, but I don’t recall ever reading about it before.  I remember being jealous when I thought our dog preferred my husband – I don’t think that now ;). And I liked your discussion about how pets are free about displaying their love – leaving readers with something to contemplate after they finish reading your piece.”

So, Rae. This one’s for you. You convinced me to spend four hours one Saturday night (good thing my social calendar is just a bunch of white space) revising my story. It was published today in “Dog Today Magazine” (had never heard of this UK publication before I started digging, but they have close to 1.4 million FB followers). Jessie, my best friend, is forever immortalized.

Read Jessie’s story

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