My Riverdale: Kelly’s Studio Esthetics

My aestheticians Kelly Margetis and Maria Siotis are very brave women. No task is too daunting for these business partners, and I’ve made them walk through rings of fire. Dealing with my Picasso-esque eyebrows is not for the faint of heart, not to mention my legs and (ahem) other sensitive body parts that require several tins of wax and hundreds of strips of depilatory paper to distinguish them from an orangutan.

Kelly’s Studio Esthetics was the first business profile I wrote for my Yellow Pages client. Kelly was initially reluctant when I approached her because she hates being the centre of attention. Plus, she has already built up a full roster of clients without the help of any social media. Maria, on the other hand, was raring to go (that’s her photo above!)

I can personally vouch for the talents of Kelly and Maria. They are super good at what they do, and they both have the hugest hearts.

Here is their story:

Esthetics in “The Best Neighbourhood”

“My happiness is to make other people happy and everything I do is from my heart,” exclaims Kelly Margetis, who opened Kelly’s Studio Esthetics in the heart of Greektown in 1993. Back then, there were only three places in the neighbourhood that offered esthetics services, she recalls. “Now we have many more, but my clientele has been faithful.”


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