You’ll Never Guess What My Husband Bought Me For My Birthday. Seriously, You’ll Never Guess

Just when I thought John couldn’t possibly get any more romantic, he surprised me with a scale for my birthday today. Admittedly, he does have a knack for knowing just how to make a girl’s heart flutter with just the perfect gift—like with the cell phone he bought me for my 40th (seriously, who buys their wife a cell phone for a milestone birthday?).

(Here is the link to my post from last year’s birthday)

Anyway, it’s my own fault for sending mixed messages, and telling him not to make a fuss (the downside of being married to a guy who takes me at my word). Plus, I hate my birthday, being so close to Christmas and New Year and feeling stuffed to the gills, partied out—and overweight. I have done nothing but complain about my body mass index lately, and have taken John along for the ride, giving him the death stare whenever he reaches for chips or mixes himself a cocktail.

John and I have both gained weight this past year, and I don’t like it. John frequently works out of town; so eating in restaurants is hard for damage control. My excuse is that I am a social eater (I love cooking for my family and friends, but with both kids away and John often too, there is less incentive). Worse, I work from home so my forays to the kitchen don’t help. I stare into the cupboard hoping something yummy and nutritious will magically appear—but because it never does, I reach for chips (which I don’t even like, but which John buys) and say ‘bingo’.

So, today on my birthday, John presented me with my new scale—a Starfrit Wide Electronic Glass Scale no less (if receiving a scale on your birthday isn’t bad enough, does it really have to be the wide model?). I didn’t realize there was anything wrong with our old scale until one of my son’s friends emerged from our bathroom last night shrieking, “there is no way I am 115 pounds”. Now, when young women freak out about their weight, it is typically because they feel they are too heavy (and of course rarely are). But this young woman is normally around 130 pounds so was just letting us know, in the spirit of community service, that our scale is broken and there is no way in the world she is that light.

Uh, Oh.

Anyway, given my manic ranting to John these past few weeks about how we both have to lose weight, ban junk food from the house, make dietary sacrifices, set weight loss goals, be accountable, blah blah blah, he figured he would be the perfect supportive partner (and creative gift-giver) and buy me a new scale. He took it out of its box, set it up, good-naturedly stepped on it, announced his weight, and proclaimed, “my goal is to lose ten pounds before I run the Cabot Trail relay in May. Ok, now your turn Suzie.”

Uh, Oh.

Now there are some secrets you are meant to keep from your spouse, and my weight has been “classified” since the day we met. But I couldn’t exactly back down now given what a monster I have been, and for fear of looking like a hypocrite. And really, what could be more fun on your birthday than weighing yourself in front of your husband? (Hint: Just about anything.)

So I did it. We did it. We took an important first step together towards a healthier weight. And I have to admit, I love my new birthday scale. Jewelry? Perfume? Lingerie? It’s all so unimaginative. But a scale? Now, that’s tough to beat!

Postscript: John was reluctant to let me tell this story because as he put it, “Indira is going to kill me when she reads this. She chewed me out last year for being such a dolt on your birthday.” So, Indira, let me add that John did take me out for a romantic dinner at the Drake Devonshire, and we allowed ourselves more than celery sticks.”

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