My Cyberspace Hook-Ups

I have just passed my first year anniversary as a relationship blogger. I now have over 60 posts on my blog that cover a range of topics, from parenting to polyamory.

I am always curious as to how people find my blog, particularly their search terms that teleport them through cyberspace to The Relationship Deal. According to my Google Analytics, here are five of the top search terms this past year—along with a mini retrospective.

being tongue tied and having oral sex: I don’t know what advice this seeker was hoping to find, but it probably wasn’t advice on explaining oral sex to adolescent sons. I’m usually a straight-talking no-nonsense kind of mom but I admit to being tongue-tied when my eldest asked me what oral sex was (after he said that he thought it was “talking about it”). Here is how I handled this delicate topic:
Tongue-Tied About Oral Sex

my husband had sex with me in REM sleep: I wrote a post about a Supreme Court of Canada decision that ruled initiating sex with someone who is asleep is a criminal offence. I wondered whether initiating sex with someone who is “fake” sleeping to get out of sex still applied. Arguably, my least politically correct post of the year: Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go

adolescent relationships with step parents: I was an older teenager when my parents split and my Dad married a much younger woman. My experience of being a quasi step-kid gave me some insights into the often tough dynamics between step-parents and step-kids. My post gave invaluable advice to step-parents to avoid finding dead mice in their sneakers: Advice To Step-Parents From My Inner Teen

are jellyfish monogamous: Do I look like a marine biologist? My related post was on questioning whether remaining monogamous in my marriage was the right thing to do. Faithfulness in a committed relationship is unquestionably expected in our society but I’m not a gal that likes to blindly follow the crowd (human jellyfish). Here is my considered response to whether monogamy is right for me: Am I A Jellyfish? Thoughts On Monogamy

Polyamory Toronto: This was my first post (God, it seems so long ago!) I was intrigued by the cover story in Toronto Life on the sex life of Torontonians particularly a young polyamorous couple. It wasn’t their lifestyle choice that shocked me, it was how they were able to find the time to have more than one lover. Clearly better time managers than my husband and me: Polyamory: Where Do People Find The Time?

Huge thanks for tuning in every week. I worried incessantly about running out of things to write about. Thankfully there is lots of fodder in the realm of relationships!

Do you have a story? A topic you want me to tackle? You are my motivation to keep pumping these posts out! See you next week!

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